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Report for February 25th

Snake River

It’s midge fest on the Snake with clusters and mating midges being as dominant as individuals.  Surface action is there, but not often enough to get action consistently on the surface.  When it does happen, it has been in a tight window from around 12:30pm to 3pm.  Nymph rigs are producing better with midge and cdc patterns.  Ledge rock pools, eddies and slow current back channels are the best water holding water types to target.  Deep eddies and ledge rock pools should be fished with leader lengths from six to nine feet in the morning hours.  In the afternoon, shortening your leaders to under five feet can work better.

Dry flies – Griffith Gnats, Furimsky BDEs, Renegades, Mating Midges, Parachute Midges, and CDC Midge Emergers.

Nymphs – Keller’s Peach Fuzz, Duracells, Brillion’s Lucent Jig, Zebra Midges, Booty’s Day-2 Midge Pupa, Ice Cream Cone Midges, Spanish Bullets, and Perdigons.  

South Fork

As on the Snake, midge madness continues on the South Fork with the most consistent action occurring on the lower reaches from Byington down to Menan.  The sweet spot on the surface has been around noon until 3pm. Targeting riffle current margins, seams, slow current back channels, and banks with slow currents will get you into fish.  Nymphs are producing in the same water when fished semi-shallow with three to six feet in the water column being the best place to target. 

Dry flies – Renegades, Ritt’s ARF Midge Adult, Parachute Adams, Parachute Midges, Chez’s Krystal Wing Midge Emerger, and CDC Midge Emergers.

Nymphs – Duracells, Cyclops, Brillion Lucent Jigs, Copper Johns in black or olive, Lil’ Amigos, Zebra Midges, Jujubee Midges, Brassies, Frenchies, and Perdigons.


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