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Report for May 22nd, 2024

Snake River

The Snake is officially in runoff so the most consistent action is occurring on the tailwater reach immediately below Jackson Lake Dam.  Flows currently stand at 2000cfs.  Water temps are cool but there is respectable action on nymphs in the spillway and in deep eddies upstream of Cattlemans.  Below Cattlemans, the best action has been on streamers when targeting banks, structure, and spring inlets/confluences.  Go fairly deep with your nymph rigs (no shallower than seven feet, with nine feet being the standard).  Streamers are best fished on a floating line or a short sinking tip in the INT to 3ips range.  It would make sense that slow retrieves are the name of the game, yet the more consistent action is coming on retrieves or moderate speed. 


South Fork

Flows from Palisades stand at just over 11,000cfs.  Water temps are warming with the upper reach getting close to 45 degrees and the Canyon closing in on 50 degrees.  The upper reach remains very clear.  In the Canyon and down to Lorenzo, there is more turbidity, although visibility is in the 2'-plus range. 

Fishing has been best on nymph rigs on the upper reach when targeting the slow margin of seams, the inside turn of riffles, and back channels with slow to moderate currents.  Banks with moderate currents are also worth targeting.   

While nymph rigs will work in the same water in the Canyon and lower reaches, streamers are starting to get more attention when fishing troughs, seams, and confluences.  Go with slow to moderate retrieves and fish your streamers on Sinking tips in the INT to 6ips range.  Both moderately sized and larger patterns are beginning to work equally well for the first time this year.  No serious difference between lighter and darker patterns.


Henry’s Fork

Caddis continue to emerge in good numbers on most reaches. There is increased turbidity with the Fall River coming in off-color along with the Warm River (although less so on the latter).  Soft hackle pupa and woven body patterns are working best nymph-wise.  There is good dry fly action no matter the visibility with Elk Hair and Sparkle Caddis.  Target riffles, seams, submerged structure, banks, overhanging vegetation, and eddies.

Streamers are working well and at times are out-performing surface patterns even in the midst of intense emergences.  This is especially the case on the lower reaches below Mesa Falls.  Both moderately sized and large patterns are producing equally well.  Go with moderate to fast retrieves on floating lines or sinking tips in the INT to 3ips range and target banks, structure, seams and eddies.     


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