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Runoff Fish

Its funny how fly fishers see the Snake River go into runoff and they think casting a rod comes to an end in our neck of the wood for two months straight. The truth is that we have lots of water to fish. You just have to think outside of the box - that box being the portions of the Snake River that we think about the most.

I guide on six different rivers in the area, as well as the waters of Yellowstone National Park and Flat Creek. When the Snake turns to mud in late April, I start to focus my attention towards other waters, such as the South Fork, the Green, and the New Fork. Late April and through the first three weeks of May, these streams can fish terrific.

Over the past two days, I guided Florida billfish guide Byron Hansen on the Green and the Snake below Jackson Lake Dam (yes, the latter has crystal clear water year around. Its a tailwater for gods sake!) He got into a number of 18-plus inch cutthroats and browns throwing streamers on 3ips sink tips. So much for fishing in our area being done for the next two months.

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