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Report for June 2nd, 2024

Snake River

Flows from Jackson Lake Dam stand at 3,500cfs.  Fishing has been most productive in the spillway, in deep eddies with slow recirculating eddies, and in some riffles (pretty much in that order).  Going deep is the name of the game with leader lengths running seven to eight feet from trailing fly to line/suspension device.  Streamers are working in the same water but also when fished along submerged structure and banks with steep-ish drop-offs.  Both moderately sized and larger patterns are producing, although moderately sized imitations are getting into more fish.  Moderate retrieves is the way to go.  Streamers are almost the only game in town below Oxbow Bend.


South Fork

Flows from Palisades Reservoir are at roughly 10,000cfs.  The South Fork is looking good with at least decent fishing on all reaches with the upper sections from the Dam down to Black Canyon.  Water temps are going over 45 degrees in Swan Valley and close to 50 degrees in the lower canyon.  There has been decent surface action with BWOs and caddis emerging here and there.  Nonetheless, going subsurface with double/triple nymph rigs and streamers has been very productive.  Nymph rigs should be directed towards riffles (particularly inside turns), seams, confluences, and side channels. 

Streamers are working in the same water as well as on eddy current margins, troughs, and banks.  Fish both moderately sized and larger patterns on sinking tips in the INT to 3ips range, especially on the lower river.  Go with slow to moderate retrieves with hesitations every now and then.  Bright and neutral streamers are working better than darker counterparts.   


Henry’s Fork

Damn near every piece of water that is open on the Henry’s Fork is fishing strong.  Caddis continue to pop as do March browns (at least in a smattering fashion) and a few PMDs.  Salmon flies are out pretty strong and have covered everything below Mesa Falls.  It's not as intense as some years, but their imitations are worth using.  If fishing mayfly and caddis patterns, target riffles, seams, eddies, and banks.  You focus on the same water if using salmon fly imitations, but concentrate mostly on submerged structure, banks, eddies, and the head of seams.


Yellowstone National Park

Lewis Lake – Ice is off.  There is decent fishing on the flats but, despite it being early in the year, target drop-offs primarily.  Best action is in the four to six foot depth of the water column, but there are times when you must go deeper – sometimes in the 10-12 foot range (use a Clean Sweep line at this depth, shallower depths are fishing best with full-sink INT lines).  Baitfish imitations are the name of the game.  Go small primarily.  Clousers, Seal Buggers, and Pine Squirrel Zonkers are producing best.

Yellowstone Lake – Ice is off and Yellowstone is fishing very good at the moment.  The best action is occurring on flats and the head of drop-offs. Hover lines, full sink intermediates, and long (12-15 foot) sinking tips in the INT to 3ips range has been most effective.  Go with baitfish imitations, dragonfly patterns, and damsel imitations primarily.  Slow to moderate retrieves have been most productive with baitfish imitations.  Dragonfly and damsel imitations should be fished with hand-twist/figure-8 or pinch retrieves.

Madison and Firehole Rivers – We are a week after opening and fishing on both the Madison and the Firehole has been typical of early season.  There are caddis about in bits and pieces, as well as PMDs and midges and BWOs (the latter two when the right weather is in the cards).  Salmon flies have been spotted on the Madison as far upstream as Riverside.  Expect this emergence to be up at the confluence in the next few days, if not hours!  Riffles and seams have been active with the best production coming on caddis larva/pupa imitations.  Eddies can offer good production with deep running nymph rigs.  This is especially the case from Midway Geyser up to Biscuit Basin.

Lewis and Snake Rivers – the Snake is in full runoff but the Lewis is clear and fairly warm for this time of year.  There is also a good amount of flow on the latter, so be a bit picky about the water you are targeting.  Streamers are working well at the confluence.  Double nymph rigs are as well when fished in the seven-foot range.  Go with either moderately sized or large streamer patterns and target submerged structure and confluence lines. 


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