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Paul Bruun on DTs

My favorite column in TU's Trout Magazine is on the back page - Paul Bruun's Classics. Bruun started doing this column a couple of years ago and each one has been an interesting read. The jist is to take pieces from fly fishing's past and tie it to contemporary aspects of the sport. He has done this with everything from fly keepers on rods to flotant.

In the most recent issue of Trout, Paul takes a look at double tapered lines, examining their past use, their qualities in comparison to weight forward lines, and the current DT reincarnation. I personally haven't used a DT line in almost twenty years. It is ironic that only a month before I came across Bruun piece, I was discussing double tapers with Idaho guide and tier Ken Burkholder. Ken is a dry fly junkie like so many anglers in this part of the Rocky Mountain West. He claims that DTs are superior lines for fishing small dry flies, particularly if you are a seasoned caster.

Between Paul piece and my discussions with Ken, I have a new found interest in double tapered lines. I will be making an investment in one or two for the upcoming season. Take a look at the column if you get a chance.

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