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From the spectacular Teton Wilderness, downstream 195 miles to just below the confluence with the Henry's Fork, this book will take you on a fly-fishing journey. In this work, Boots Allen shares his best fly patterns along with color photographs and dressings. Fly-fishing strategies; reading the water; hatches and timing; trout foods; and where to find your fish are all included in this comprehensive book. The Snake River has a long history among fly fishermen and in this book you will find out why.

"Snake River Fly Fishing: Through the Eyes of an Angler" is a guide to the Snake River region for those who have a love an appreciation of fly fishing. Written by someone who has taken fly fishing in the region as their passion and has years of experience, Boots Allen provides plenty of informative charts, full color photos, and loads of references. "Snake River Fly Fishing" is a read that shouldn't be missed for those visiting the Snake River area.

----Midwest Book Review

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