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Snake River Flies chronicles the rich history of fly pattern development in the Snake River basin from its infancy in the 1930s to contemporary flies of the twentieth-first century. The lineage of fly tiers includes such greats as Marcella Oswald, Bruce Staples, Scott Sanchez, and Ken Burkholder. Special attention is given to innovative designs for particular types of water, trout food, and trout species. The 100-plus patterns within this work have been proven producers not only in the Rocky Mountain West, but throughout the world for a variety of game fish.

"A third-generation fishing guide on many waters around the world, Boots is one of the foremost experts in trout fishing. The answers are here. Learn about flies designed to imitate a trout’s true foods along with enthralling history.”

  —Jeff Currier, artist and author of Currier's Quick and Easy Guide to Warmwater Fly Fishing and Currier's Quick and Easy Guide to Saltwater Fly Fishing



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