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Modern Trout Fishing is a fresh and up-close look at the latest and most successful methods of trout fishing by anglers the world over.  Whether it's investigating recent research in ocular, aural, and scent characteristics of trout, or examining contemporary trends in dry fly, nymph, and streamer fishing, this book scours the global fly fishing community for the best new techniques and tools.  Interested in the most usefull approaches to casting and fly presentationor the newest and hottest fly patterns?  Modern Trout Fishing spells it all out.

The curiosity of a studious, professional researcher erupts like a caddis fly from Boots’s latest, Modern Trout Fishing. Simply stated, this is a bewildering array of information gleaned from astute sources and bundled enjoyably for the rest of us, the average anglers of the world.”
—Paul Bruun, outdoor columnist, Jackson Hole News & Guide
“In Modern Trout Fishing, Boots Allen assembles information to give a superb reference for fly fishers. It also fills a void in current fly-fishing literature by gathering traditional and new background, presentation, fly pattern, tackle, retail, and media information under one literary roof. Boots’s focus is on approach to Rocky Mountain fisheries, but what he offers applies to coldwater fisheries anywhere.”
—Bruce Staples, noted writer and 2001 Buzsek Award Winner
“Few people have the passion and dedication committed to sharing the fly-fishing experience with one and all like Boots Allen.”
—Carter Andrews, renowned international fly fisher and host of "The Obsession of Carter Andrews"


"With Modern Trout Fishing, Boots Allen is taking his own angling excellence and passion and hand delivering them to the reader."

—Patrick Straub, Montana fly fishing outfitter and author of Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Fly Fishing





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