Snake River PMDs are waning but still out there in a decent fashion from around 11am until 4pm. Short-wing stoneflies continue to emerge and are a good ticket in the morning hours. Grasshoppers and carpenter ants are also about and their imitations can be fished from around 11am until dusk. Keep in mind that the high air temps of the past week have been contributing to mid-column water temps hitting the 67 degree mark and surface temps hitting 69. This is slowing top-water action after 3pm noticeably most days. The sweet spot has been from about 11am until 2pm. Larger stonefly, terrestrial, and attractor patterns are working best when fished along banks, bankside troughs, submerged struc

The South Fork Continues to Impress. But Go Small

Snake River Good to solid surface action continues on just about every reach of the Snake as PMDs continue to emerge after 11am. Grasshopper and carpenter ant are also about, and there more Claassenia stoneflies. The only inconsistency is the time of day when the best action is. There are grabby fish in the early morning hours, but the heart of top-water activity is from 9am to 1pm some days, while other days it might be from 11am to 2:30. Expect a fair to decent amount of action after 3pm, but no necessarily a lot of size. Water temps are peaking on the upper reach at around 66 degrees after 4pm. Dry flies, tandem dry rigs, and dry-dropper rigs are producing in a wide variety of holdin

Its August - Hit the Yellowstone and Flat Creek for a change

Snake River The entire river continues to fish well with larger fish being taken on the upper reaches above South Park but more showing up on the lower river from South Park down to Sheep Gulch. Dry flies is the name of the game – caddis in the morning and PMDs in the afternoon. There are also a more than decent amount of grasshopper and carpenter ants around. To top it off, we are beginning to see our first Claassenia stones of the year. Imitations of all of these will work well (and even great some days). Larger foam attractors are definitely getting into opportunistic fish that are seemingly everywhere. Grasshopper and attractors should be targeted heavily at banks, bankside troughs,